About the Vimalasekarans
Vimal was born in Sri Lanka, into a multireligious family. Due to Civil War in that country, Vimal experienced life as a refugee. During his time in a refugee camp, he came to know the Lord. Afterwards, Vimal obeyed God’s call to serve Him in a full-time capacity. Louise and Vimal joined European Christian Mission as missionaries to refugees in Germany. He completed a Diploma in Church Planting in Bethel Bible Institute in India and in 1991, Later that year he attended London Reformed Baptist Theological Seminary for two years and gained another Diploma in Pastoral Studies. In 1993, he studied for another three years in the Irish Baptist College, Belfast, for his Diploma in Missions and gained a Batchelor of Divinity degree through Queen’s University, Belfast in 1997. Vimal married Louise from England and began outreach ministry to refugees in Germany in 1998 and 1999. Later, Vimal was officially ordained in Killicomaine and having been accepted by European Christian Mission in 1999, was sent out to work among refugees in Germany in 2000 with Louise in a full-time capacity. During a Sabbatical with ECM, in 2007, Vimal studied further for a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies and in 2008 gained a Doctorate in Missions from Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS, USA. For his thesis, he incorporated a biblical model for refugee ministry, incorporation a theological rationale for ministry among diaspora and elaborating on the practical aspects of evangelism work in Germany among refugees. After studying, the family returned to Germany to continue refugee ministry up to the present. Now the Vimalasekarans live in Karlsruhe and minister to migrants and refugees. Vimal and Louise are members of MHBC. Vimal and Louise have four children, Abigail, Beulah, Celeste and David.
A Biblical Model for Refugee Ministry